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Pacific World School is the best play school in Noida Extension provide all type of activities. In addition to highly qualified specialists, the child will study in a class equipped with the latest technology: in some schools, interactive boards, latest systems, comfortable furniture for each student and textbooks for personal computers or tablets.  Head Office: HS-02, Tech Zone-4 Greater Noida (West) U.P.  Call us: +91-8899117704, 9643370000 Email: info@pacificworldschool.com


Pacific World School is the best public school in Greater Noida. The degree of education among highly educated teachers who are ready for the often-challenging responsibility of educating the young minds of our next generation citizens.  Head Office: HS-02, Tech Zone-4 Greater Noida (West) U.P.  Call us: +91-8899117704, 9643370000 Email: info@pacificworldschool.com


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