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LOCATION ADVANTAGES : Pyramid Plots is located in the Sector 35 Sohna, South of Gurugram. Bang on Sohna Road National Highway (NH248). Very well connected to Golf Course Extension Road only 15 minutes drive. 20 minutes away from Rajiv Chowk. Very Close to IMT Sohna and Sports City. Benefits under DDJAY The maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR), of Upto 2 is allowed on the plots of up to 150SQM. The registration of the independent floor in plots shall be allowed. The stilt…


Sprawled across 9.0625 acres of lush greenery, Pyramid Spring Valley is a premium township surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing flora and fauna . The convenient location ensures you are near enough to the city to maintain connectivity but far enough to stay away from all the chaos and stress. LOCATION ADVANTAGES : Pyramid Plots is located in the Sector 35 Sohna, South of Gurugram. Bang on Sohna Road National Highway (NH248). Very well connected to Golf Course Extension Road…


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Health educator jobs are typically related to locationsDetocline that have clinical and administrative settings. That is why such degree holders are usually found operating in physician clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Main job entrusted to them is creating awareness concerning health and hygiene in the general public working at intervals the administrative setting of the medical centers.  Detocline HargaNot only these educators produce awareness identifying the problems that affect the…


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