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Josephine Mary
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Don't let the phrase essential fat or essential Turmeric Plus  fatty acid fool you. These are not going to make you gain unwanted weight.As those of us who truly understand weight loss and gain can tell you, the key to losing or gaining fat storage from your body centers around the bodies short term energy storage supply.
Are there any benefits to be obtained from drinking water that has Fluoride added Well, the jury seems to be out, and they have been out for a very long time, without producing a satisfactory answer as to whether it is beneficial or harmful.Scientists have discovered that there is a Toxic interaction between Fluoride and Aluminium, which can lead to Alzheimer's Disease. Others say that Fluoridation is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects over the long term.A large number of local authorities, worldwide have included Fluoride in the Cocktail that is called drinking water, for many years, whilst others have steered clear of inflicting this on the public, without their consent. Some authorities feel, that if parents want their children to have Fluoride, they can obtain tablets themselves, some authorities even provide them free, if they are required, as cost is not usually a problem, Fluoride is not an expensive chemical.


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