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Positive Results You shouldn't expect to Lean Belly Breakthrough  loss more than 5 lbs per week. Generally use of fat burners will help you to lose approximately 25 lbs in a week. This is the kind of result that you should expect and anything that claims to help you lose more than this can be dangerous for your health.When you are eating 3 meals a day, your body only burns calories for a short period during and after the meal, then it goes back into a rest state where it doesn't burn any calories at all. Switching to 6 meals a day will kick your metabolism into overdrive and get rid of the rest period. Instead of the aforementioned onoff process, your body will burn calories constantly. This makes fat loss substantially easier, as well as putting less stress on your body from the constant starting and stopping of the digestive process.If you combine the "6 meals" strategy with proper nutrition and efficient exercise, you'll find that it becomes substantially easier to lower your body fat percentage, and hopefully even get rid of that arm fat!If the success of the diet industry is anything to go by, it would seem that most people are on a diet sometime or the other.
Weight loss has become a billion dollar industry with diets, diet foods, gyms, personal trainers, dietary supplements, medicines for weight loss, surgery for weight loss, books, diet plans, web sites all geared to helping you lose weight. Most people, unless they have serious underlying medical problems manage to lose weight but they find it difficult to stick to their diet plans and the weight soon piles back on, often more than before.How you can lose weight fastWhy do you put on weight in the first place The answer is very simple because you take in more calories than you use up. Each pound of weight represents an intake of 3,500 calories which have been taken in excess.Now whether it is a genetic predisposition or a slow metabolic rate, the fact is that you can lose weight by reversing the equation use more energy and increase the calorie expenditure while taking in fewer calories than required to increase your pace of weight loss.

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