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Arginine: Arginine is an amino Detoxil Omega Formula guanidovaleric acid and an essential amino acid. This amino acid though synthesized in the body, but the quantity it too little to meet the demand of the body at the growing period. It is thus considered essential and got added in this category. The reaction catalysed by arginase cleaves arginine to urea. Ornithine may be converted into arginine through Krebs-Henseleit urea cycle. The defect in urea synthesis is manifested by raised blood and cerebrospinal fluid arginine levels. A low protein diet would be helpful to correct it. Catabolism of six-carbon amino acid argine form ketoglutarate. Arginine serves as the formamidine donor for creatine biosynthesis, and via ornithine, participates in polyamine biosynthesis. Arginine vasopression is suggested in treatment of antidiuretic hormone deficiency. The metabolism of arginine results in formation of urea, synthesis of creatine (guanidoacetic acid), synthesis of ornithine, and formation of guanidobutyric acid in the brain, in separate reactions. The arginine by hydrochroride stimulates growth hormone release up to three times the base level. It is therefore administered intravenous to check the normal/deficient hormone release.


Arginine Benefits and Its Functions

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