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out the areas and the users that are still using? Maybe old protocol and you can kind of audit them and along time ago, just let go of it's time to move on so anyway. Thank you again, so much. Here are some other sessions real quick some of them You've already seen before. There's still some more sessions outlook and exchange test is coming up so take a look at those if you haven't planned out to do Nitro Strength  so and we thank you for your attention in your participation thank you. well my…


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good attitude and a lot of focus and determination I do know that in last week's video the exercises that Paul and I provided for you I've been doing those about three times a week and supplementing with other exercises as well and let me tell you I am feeling the burn things are getting tighter and firmer and it works so I know a lot of you responded to the fitness video and you gave a big shout out Tressurge  to Paul and he greatly appreciates that his newfound community here on YouTube but…


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