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This is a very interesting field. There is about   Appcoiner 100 different ways to approach this. I can only tell you from my experiences with website optimization requests from different sources that I strongly believe that they all come from one place or better said they are all buddies with each other.

I've put in a request for some information leading to my website optimization and I get an avalanche of different people e-mailing me that they have the absolute best program available to man to get you immediately to the top of the page. They send you an advertising page that it begins at your monitor and stretches to the floor and you keep on scrolling down and down and down and all you read is hype and more hype it almost sounds like they're going to tell you something but they never do and when they run out of words to say then they give you one of these hurry up and buy now because you don't know what you will be missing out on if you don't buy this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Well after reading a dozen of these or so I chose one to see what it was like because I felt possibly it might work. I purchased using PayPal, and then downloaded it. After the download I opened up the new purchase and started reviewing it, they didn't lie but they sure colored it up very well. So I went ahead and tried to use it but it was not a satisfying experience and I felt that I've wasted a lot of money. This particular software was for optimizing a website. I won't mention who or what it was because I'm not here to badmouth anyone, they know who they are! Anyhow I went back to PayPal put in a dispute and got my money back and this is probably the biggest reason why I like to use PayPal.

Then I got a blog site plug-in sort of tool which was supposed to submit to a multitude of sites. When you initiated the plug-in you have to enter your username and your password to these various sites. There was about the 10 or 12 of these sites the plug-in would link with, to promote your blog. Well this looked pretty good but I had no way of knowing whether it worked or not. Then an update came from the vendor saying they had new version of this plug-in for WordPress and at this point I got to find out that this plug-in was attached to a monthly payment plan for it to work.

At the end of the day my conclusion to all this is probably the only way that you are going to be able to get your objective, is to do the work yourself this way you don't line someone else's wallet's. All these marketers are getting rich on us because we are so desperate to have something happen quickly and powerfully we are willing to give our money away and hope that something will work but me personally I can almost guarantee it most probably will not work!I have yet to be introduced to someone who has a sure fire proven search engine optimization program that you just click a few buttons and point to the right places and bingo you get something. If all this was easy the serious well-known SEO companies wouldn't charge those large amounts of money for our website optimization campaigns.


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