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 Think of something that gives you a feeling of appreciation or Water Freedom System makes you want to smile, like a beautiful sunset or a special place you've experienced. FEEL what it feels like in your body, your chest.Enjoy the feeling. Breathe into it. Holding that feeling, go back to the stressor or issue that made you tense, and ask yourself what better way you could look at or handle the situation. Listen to whatever insight or thought you get. If appropriate, write down your insights and act on them.Notice how you feel. Do you have more clarity of thought? Is your response more in line with how you would like it to be? Are you behaving in a more coherent way?Property management is pretty basic business. Cash in and costs out equals cash flow. As operators though keeping this flowing the right way can be truly challenging and even seem impossible at times. A great management reporting system combined with strong purchasing control can turn a problem in to tremendous real estate rental cash flow.

Project Risk Management - What You Can Learn About Risk Management From Christopher Columbus by Bryan Barrow

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