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3 Easy Steps & Get up to S$350 Reward Dollars!!! Step 1: Choose either of the participating DL380G9 Server DL380G9-E5-2609V4 DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-core) /1*16GB-R /DVD Rom /P440ar/2G /1x 800W Power supply/ easy install rail kit DL380G9-E5-2620V4 DL380 Gen9 E5-2620v4 (2.1GHz/8-core) /1*16GB-R /DVD Rom /P440ar/2G /1x 800W Power supply/ easy install rail kit Step 2: Choose 2 hard drives you need 781516-B21 HP 600GB 12G SAS 10K rpm Enterprise Hard Drive x 2 units 759212-B21 HP 600GB 12G…


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