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Herniated Disc: This is a protrusion of theSera Labs CBD Oil  center of the disc that compresses the nerve root which is located directly behind the disc. This is clearly different from a disc bulge which is a very common MRI finding that is found in 81% of the asymptomatic population. A herniated disc is therefore a very different objective finding compared to a degenerative related disc bulge, and the two are commonly confused.Two percent of the population will experience at some point a problem with their disc resulting in a herniated disc, but fortunately 80-90% will recover within 6 weeks and will not require surgery.
There are a number of emergency situations that are important to mention that may be related to a herniated disc. A herniated disc can cause enough compression that it results in bowel or bladder issues, loss of function and movement in one or both legs, or numbness in the genital area with a very distinct distribution. If you experience any of the above problems, then you must see a spine surgeon immediately through the emergency room at a major hospital or at the surgeon's office.Your evaluation will require you to provide a very detailed explanation of your symptoms. How you feel, the distribution of the pain, and how long you noticed the symptoms is the start of the history taking you should expect from your doctor. This history is the most important part and the list of questions your doctor will ask will be long. Try to organize you thoughts and history prior to your visit.


What is Sciatica

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