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The heart, designed to be an efficient hardworkingHealthy Blood Pressure Protocol  pump, sends thousands of gallons of blood coursing through your body daily and beats about 90,000 times in order to do this. It works to push blood through the arteries with the pressure where necessary. The walls of the arteries also push to aid the flow of blood through the body and to supply nourishment and oxygen to the most distant regions. Sometimes the arteries suffer from blockages and tight constrictions. Blood pressure readings measure how hard the heart has to work to accomplish its task.

When you have a health care professional take your blood pressure, they put a cuff on your arm. The cuff, when filled with air, creates a pressure that cuts the supply of blood. As the air pressure in the cuff releases, the health care professional records the number where they first hear blood moving through the veins. That's the systolic pressure or the top number. Systolic pressure is the maximum pumping pressure of the heart and comes from the heart contracting.

The second number, is determined as the pressure in the cuff lowers and is taken when the health care professional no longer hears the heart beat. This is the diastolic pressure. This is the pressure that occurs when the heart relaxes and is the bottom number of the blood pressure reading.
Sometimes blockage in the arteries makes the heart work harder. Sometimes stress and pressure create adrenaline and other stress related hormones that constrict some of the blood vessels in preparation for fight or flight. The constriction makes the heart work harder and if stress continues over a long period of time, creates changes to your body. Sometimes aging causes changes to the vessels' elasticity and makes the heart pump harder. As women enter menopause, their estrogen levels, often believed to aid in the control of blood pressure, also drops.

Hypertension Statistics - What Does Rising Hypertension Statistics Mean to You

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