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The peculiarities crystallization of alumina, https://hslabrasive.com yttria and the rare-earth element oxides of the yttria subgroup in an optical furnace have been studied. Direct evidence of oxygen dissolution during alumina melting in oxidizing atmosphere and its ejection during crystallization has been presented. The released oxygen was captured by the inside hollows of alumina ingots, and its quantity was controlled using gas chromatography. It was not less than 8 × 10−6 g in 1 g of…


The effect of powdered activated carbon (PAC)yongruida activated carbon powder addition on substrate removal and sludge dewaterability was investigated in the co-treatment of leachate and domestic wastewater in an activated sludge system. The ratio of leachate in the total wastewater varied from 5 to 25% on a volumetric basis. The inert COD in the leachate could be decreased to very low levels by PAC addition. The specific resistance to filtration (SRF) of the activated sludge peaked during the…


Low-cost, chemically activated carbonyongruida activated charcoal materials, Pellet-600 and PVA-300, were prepared at relatively low temperatures and show more effective removal efficiency of Cr(VI) from water than commercially available activated carbons tested. The Pellet-600 is a pelletized carbon material with high mesoporous volumes and surface area, and the PVA-300 is composed of a high surface area carbon coating on a fiberglass mat substrate. A much faster adsorption kinetics and a much…


Trademark registration is very important process and at the time of trademark application filing some important documents is required to be uploading according to trademark law. These documents are varying from applicant to applicant and you should have knowledge about it, if you are filing trademark application by your own self. That’s why we are providing compete detail about these documents and you can also get the solution of your query related to trademark. Click here to know the documents…


Every link, ad, email attachment, an application that you may see while browsing through the internet is an opportunity for the hackers to compromise your personal data and further demand a high ransom amount in return. Webroot Internet Security is antivirus software that makes sure to block these annoying links and ads, block spam email, and warns about the risky downloads of applications that may contain malicious content. By doing so, Webroot ensures complete online protection while you…


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