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Amazon business gets true time-to-market payback for our eCommerce existence, mainly if we just stepped into the world of online eCommerce. Basically at a supposed price, an ordinary manufacturer or brand can transfer on the Amazon platform within 1-2 months. Contrast this to the website development and the deployment of an eCommerce website, which may take up to 9-18 months related to the capital cost of around $250,000 or more. Suitable for Amazon's program such as Amazon, this makes it…


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The Magento is a Zend Framework and PHP programming based development which was developed by the US-based private company called Varien Inc situated in California. It becomes one of the best Magneto eCommerce platforms and now the Magento has it's several version including the 2018th version. It's the first version was initially released on March 31, 2018, and its name was Magento CE1.


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The eCommerce website is worldwide used online platform which facilitates us to transact online for goods and services via the transfer of details and money by using the internet. In the past days, eCommerce was completely done on emails and calls. But now it's not like that, nowadays, we use eCommerce websites to get the advantage of goods & services and pay for them in the form of e-money. The benefit of this is that we do not need to go anywhere, everything gets done by sitting at home or…


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