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When you cut your calorie intake too kings of kung fu much it causes your body to actually store more fat. It's a stress response to the lack of food. So, a better way to lose weight and lose body fat is to cut your portion sizes down, but eat several small meals a day. That will keep your body thinking that food is readily available and keep your metabolism from slowing down.


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Prime Time Boost The third phase starts when the target weight is reached. Now the diet has become a way of life. A healthy weight and a healthy diet now increase the chance of a longer and better life! Phase 1 Also called: the strict phase. In the first phase, people eat a lot of proteins, good fats and good carbohydrates. These provide a feeling of satiety and control over blood sugar levels. After this phase, there is no longer any need for starch and sweetness. Six meals may be taken per…


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