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Water is an integral part of the farm operations. You cannot keep on getting water from the main source all the time. That is why you need to buy water tank so that it can be transported with the help of a tractor. For more info visit here http://www.fieldking.com/product-portfolio/water-bowser-and-tanker/    Contact Number:- 0184-66566666 Address:- Plot No.235-236 & 238-240, Sec-3, HSIIDC, Karnal -132001, (Haryana), India  


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Subsoiler is useful for your farm to interrupt up the pan layers that square measure onerous enough so the soil loosens up and correct drain is allowed. This successively helps the roots to grow and diffusion of minerals. The 3 purpose subsoiler could be a useful gizmo by Fieldking and subsoiler for sale available is obtainable on their web site. For a lot of data visit at http://www.fieldking.com/product-portfolio/sub-soiler/ Contact Number:- 0184-66566666 Address:- Plot No.235-236 & 238-240,…


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