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There is a condition called night eating syndrome,The 2 Week Diet which is actually a form of an eating disorder. These people actually wake up many times during the night and are unable to fall asleep unless they eat something, which is usually junk foods, which than enables them to fall back to sleep. There is another documented night eating disorder, which is called sleep-related eating disorder. In this condition, people actually sleep walk to the kitchen for an eating binge. In both of these conditions, people eat mostly junk food, which can thwart attempts at staying on a balanced nutritious diet. These two types of night eating disorders also undermine good quality sleep. both of these disorders actually require treatment by a physician.

However, there are milder variations of this disorders, which can keep many healthy people from continuing on a weight-loss program. Many people who are under stress may have some minor form of a night eating disorder, which causes them to eat lots of empty calories before bedtime or during the night. Others, however, often just develop a habit of night eating, which become very difficult to break. Most often the type of foods eaten are junk foods, which are high in calories, fat, and sugar. This immediate refined carbohydrate fix, which temporarily raises the blood sugar, causes these people to be able to fall asleep. however, oftentimes they awaken after the increase in insulin in their bloodstream occurs, which in turn causes a sudden drop in blood sugar, and causes them to wake up hungry again.



Some Important Tips For Fat Loss - Especially For Night Eaters

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