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I think the disabling idea is a great idea and would fit in with the idea that we require collaboration. For example, they could make To'kash's deep freezer attack only one player at a time. Then it would melt slowly (not infinite, so if in a situation that is not protected, it could be escaped). This could make players form a group of at least two. In the future, bosses with more difficult bosses are likely throw in many bosses in the Dung style. They will have nothing to lose. Although some…


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Users are advised to make sure that their PC meets the system requirements for running Bitdefender Antivirus software before installing it on their operating system. Moreover, users should have a valid subscription in their “Bitdefender Central Login Account”, so that installed product can retrieve its validity from their account.Bitdefender Central works as a centralized platform which effectively manages all Bitdefender products and services of its users. In addition, bitdefender central  also…


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